Quonochontaug Historical Society

Marilyn Fisher McConihay and Carolyn Fisher Reed, daughters of Chet and Norma Fisher and sisters of Allen, donated their family photos to share with the Quonnie community.  Their Grandparents were Arthur and Edith Fisher from Providence.  Arthur and Edith built a summer cottage on Surfside Avenue on Central Beach.  It was completed just before the 1938 Hurricane.  Arthur and Edith also built their winter home in Quonnie atop the little hill on Ninigret Avenue. They named it the “Log Cabin”.  Their two sons, Bradford and Chester, lived at Quonnie in Central Beach, as well.

Marilyn has written her own story about her Quonnie memories and you may read it by clicking on “Personal Stories”.

Fisher Cottage on (#156) Surfside

following ’38 Hurricane

Only the steps of Fisher Cottage remain

following ’38 Hurricane

Fisher Cottage back on original

foundation after ’38 Hurricane

Chet and Norma Fisher, 1941

Back of Fisher Cottage

Goodale and Fisher Cottages on Surfside after 1944 storm.

Goodale and Fisher Cottages on

Surfside after 1944 storm

Chet,Carolyn, Allen, Marilyn and Norma Fisher in front of “Log Cabin”

Carolyn and Marilyn Fisher on the beach (?1949)

Carolyn & Marilyn in front of

Grandparent’s “Log Cabin” Ninigret Ave. home 

Susan and David Fisher, children of Brad and Betty, in front of “Log Cabin”  

David, Carolyn, Chet, Marilyn and Susan Fisher  mid 1950’s

Presentation of the “Tulip” watermelon after the clambake

All the Fisher cousins (Fishers, Pratts, Schafers, Seamans) 1950’s 

Fisher Family Elders

Arthur (sitting) and Edith (standing) on far right

Homemade Ice Cream 

Chet and Brad Fisher in center

Chris Twombly(L)

Bill Schafer(R)   David Twombly (L) Bill SchafSchafer )(

“Tulip” Watermelon at the annual clambake

Quonnie Clambake at “Log Cabin”

Edith and Arthur’s winter home

Annual family Clambake at “Log Cabin” on top of Ninigret Avenue hill

the Fisher’s winter home